Bulk-deliver emails to every recipient in your spreadsheet

Need to send grades to your students? Login data to the members of your organisation? Upload your data, write a template and send everyone an email using your own address.


Upload a spreadsheet containing the data you want to use in your emails, including the recipientsemail address.


Write a template where you can reference the columns of your spreadsheet. One message will be sent for each row of the sheet.

My dearest dear Michael
As you can seeI have on the day 1924 after the release of Star Wars 3 been made aware of
this awesome new toolwhich our ancestors calledSheetmailer
You might want to checkit out and tell me your opinion


Connect to your Office365/Outlook or Gmail account to send from your own address. Or use our sender address.

Upload a spreadsheet containing your data, write a template where you can reference the data in the spreadsheet, and send the emails.

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